Embassy Court in Brighton a Twentieth Century Pleasure Palace

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Brighton & Hove, East Sussex

Copy is from the Twentieth Century Website here

Wells Coates’ Embassy Court from 1935, stands just on the Brighton side of the old border with Hove.

The ninth and tenth floors set back to provide penthouses, advertised as the first in the UK. The ground floor included a bank, which later became a restaurant, in use until 1953. The top level is a continuous sun terrace with a spectacular view of the Channel.

The refurbishment of Embassy Court has revealed many of its secrets. Paint research has shown that the walls were a sparkling cream with white marble chippings and the windows a sludgy red colour, with pink cill tiles. These, combined with the original jazzy entrance doors, suggest a more Deco feel to the building than arch-modernists might care to acknowledge. Compared to the earnest experimentation of Isokon in Hampstead this building was about having fun, a twentieth-century pleasure-palace

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