Cosmo Sarson

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Brighton & Hove, East Sussex

New art on Brighton Pier from Cosmo Sarson

“I had just started this mural when the government announced the Covid-19 lock down. Fortunately for me, the pier then closed to the public and I was able to carry on and complete it in a safe and socially distant manner.

It was quite a tough gig. I suffer vertigo and painting up and across 4 levels of scaffolding hanging above the sea, often in high winds could be a bit challenging. Getting far enough back to see what I was doing was a bit of a mission too. It was a long walk all the way back down the pier and half a mile up the beach to view it (covered in orange scaffold netting) through a pair of cheap binoculars, to try and second guess what it would look like with nothing in front of it and what would happen if I changed a bit”.

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