Bargain Point & Shoot Camera the awesome Canon S100 Powershot

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I do love a bargain camera, especially those that have plummeted in value on the second hand market over the years. Perhaps we change cameras too often now. The great photographers of history used the cameras for 10 years plus – how many do that these days?

I do like a compact for the pocket.

I recently picked up this Canon S100 for £50. It had a busted flash which is not a problem for me as I never use flash. It’s tiny, no excuse not to have this in the pocket. Shown here with another old favorite the Ricoh GX100.

What I love about the Canon

  • It was over £400 new
  • It shoots in raw and jpeg
  • Aperture of f2.0
  • Clever function ring around the lens that you can assign functions to
  • Has an integral ND Filter
  • Lovely quality screen
  • Great build quality
  • Made in Japan
  • Matt black finish
  • Absolute bargain second hand

Get one, you won’t be disappointed.

Will be posting some sample images soon

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