Hove Plinth Constellation and the Amber Cup

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Brighton & Hove, East Sussex

Hove Plinth is a community project by Hove Civic Society creating a brand new cultural attraction on the historic Hove seafront.

Constellation, by Folkestone sculptor Jonathan Wright, is a part mechanical gilded model of the solar system, part film camera and part ship’s compass.

crowdfunding campaign helped raise the funds needed for the artwork.

Constellation will stay on the plinth on King’s Esplanade for about 18 months and be followed by Flight of the Langoustine by Brighton-based Pierre Diamantopoulo.

I love the feature of the Amber Cup.

The Hove amber cup is a Bronze Age cup that was discovered in a great round barrow mound which was crudely excavated in 1856, in HoveEast SussexEngland, and is now in Hove Museum and Art Gallery.[It was found during the construction of Palmeira Square. The barrow was of exceptional size and quality, suggesting a date in the mid-Bronze Age. The Hove amber cup is one of only two found in Britain; the other was in Dorset. However, the two are not of the same style of craftsmanship.

Dated to around 1250 BCE, the amber cup was found in a Wessex culture grave in a coffin made from a treetrunk. Also in the coffin were a skeleton, a Camerton (Wessex culture) type dagger, a whetstone and a small axe

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