John Skelton Sculpture Brighton

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Brighton & Hove

Loaves and fishes relief sculpture in Brighton.

It is very easy to miss this piece by the sculpture John Skelton.

It is located on the outside of the Brighthelm Centre in North Road Brighton BN1 1YD.

His work can be seen in the great English cathedrals, among them the madonna at Norwich and the baptism font at Chichester. In London, at St Paul’s Cathedral, stands his memorial to the great commanders of the second world war, and, in poets’ corner, his John Clare memorial.

He was born in Glasgow, He served an apprenticeship  to his uncle, the sculptor and designer Eric Gill, He became an assistant to Joseph Cribb, on Ditchling Common, Sussex, where a community of artists had been gathering around Gill and his family since about 1916.

Mischievous, saucy, lively and an eccentric of the best kind, Skelton was a memorable figure in his cap, wobbly stick and kilt.

John Skelton, sculptor, born July 8 1923; died November 26 1999

Inspiration and text for this article taken from the obituary of John Skelton in the Guardian



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