Photography Wisdom

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Street photographer Eric Kim wrote down what he has learned about photography so far, here is a taster…..

Most famous photographers are only known for their 1-3 most popular images after they die.
If you accomplish the same, you have done your job as a photographer.

My keeper ratio : one decent shot a month, one shot I am proud of in a year.

Great photography projects generally take at least 5-10 years.

Buy books, not gear, spend less time on gear review sites and more time on

The only way money will make you happier in photography if you invest it into experiences (travel, workshops, teachers)
rather than material things (cameras, lenses, gear).

With film, your first 10,000 photos are your worst. With digital, it is more like your first 1,000,000 are your worst.

99% of people on the Internet don’t know what a great photograph is. Don’t always trust the comments, likes, and favorites you get from the Internet on social media sites. The best place to shoot street photography isn’t New York, Tokyo, or Paris.
The best place to shoot is your backyard.

Check out his site and blog at


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